Rules & Regulations


1. Access to Safe Deposit Vault containing the Locker may be had during the prescribed hours on weekdays & Saturdays.

2. The Society will grant access to the Hirer or to the duty appointed agent of the Hirer provided the authority in favour of such agent is duly advised to the Society in writing and on the death of the Hirer to his executors or administrators in the case of more than one Hirer the Society shall grant access to either or any of them, their survivor or survivors and the duly appointed agent or agents of such Hirers, their survivor or survivors and the executors or administrators of the last survivors. The Society shall not be obliged to allow access to any other person or persons.

3. The Charges are payable strictly in advance.

4. The Hirer acknowledges receipt of the sky to the said Locker and shall surrender the same to the Society the termination of this agreement.

5. The Society may terminate this agreement and upon require the vacation and surrender of the Locker and the key thereof at any time forthwith upon notice being posted or sent to the Hirer notwithstanding that the period hereof shall not have expired. Upon the Locker being vacated and the key surrendered pursuant to such notice the Society will return to the Hirer the Proportionate charges (if paid on advance) for the unimpaired period.

6. The Society shall have a lien or change upon all property in Locker for the charges due by the Hirer to the Hirer to the Society under the agreement with power from time to sell such property or portions thereof for the purpose of realizing such money.

7. All repairs or other works required to be done to the Locker or key shall be done exclusively by workmen appointed by the Society.

8. If any key of the Locker is lost the Society should be notified without delay. All charges for opening the Locker replacing the lost key and/or changing the Lock shall be payable by Hirer.

9. The Hirer shall not be entitled to assign, transfer or let the Locker or any part thereof or benefit of this agreement and any such assignment, transfer or under letting shall be void.

10. The Locker shall be used for the deposit of valuables and other property except those of is void.

11. During extraordinary like civil commotion, riots and other occurrences the Society reserves the right of closing the Safe Deposit Department for such time as may appear necessary to them without any pervious intimation.

12. The Hirer agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Society from and against any and all claims and demands made against the Society by reasons of any act of any Agent appointed by the Hirer as aforesaid and the Society shall not incur any liability by virtue of their permitting such Agent access to the said Locker.

13. Any notice or communication sent by post to the last knows address of Hirer shall be considered to have been duly served. The Hirer shall from time to time notify the Society of his address and of any change in such address.

14. The Hirer shall abide by all such rules and regulations concerning the means of access to the Locker and the identification of the Hirer or his Agent or Agents and generally concerning the means and methods of carrying out this agreement as may from time to time be prescribed by the Society.

15. The Society shall be at liberty to alter the hours of access herein provided and to add or to alter and vary the conditions hereto and immediately on addition, alteration or variation being made the Hirer made the Hirer shall be deemed to have notice of the contents and shall be bound by the terms thereof.

16. On termination of this agreement the Society shall be at liberty if the Hirer fails to comply with provisions herein contained for the vacation and surrender of the Locker and the key thereof to break open the Locker and either to forward by such means as the Society may select the contents thereof to the Hirer or at the Society's absolute discretion to retain and keep the said contents in such place as it may think fit at risk of the Hirer and to charge a fee for such custody.

17. The Society shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the contents of the Locker, whatsoever.

18. The safe Deposit Department is a separate Department of the Society and has no connection with the dealing of customers in the other Departments of the Society.

19. It is hereby expressly agreed that the relation between the Society and the Hirer is not that of Society and Customer.

20. In order to terminate the agreement of Hire, written notice to give up possession must be given to the Society by the Hirer one week prior to the termination of the period of letting and the Locker with its key must be given up to the Society at Society at noon on the day of the termination of the said period. The said agreement shall be considered renewed after the agreed period unless the Lockers is surrendered and the key returned but this condition is without prejudice to the right of the Society to recover any dues accrued in the meantime and to CI. 5 mentioned above.

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