Locker Facilities

The Safe Deposit Locker facility offers invaluable safety for you valuables. We also have on offer a variety of sizes to fit your requirements.The deposit lockers can be operated at your convenience during our extended banking hours. We provide the maximum safety to your valuables that are placed in our Safe Deposit Lockers.

A Safe Deposit Locker with Simpson is the solution to your concern. Located at select branches in cities all over the country, our lockers ensure the safe keeping of your valuables.

Key Benefits
  • State-of-the-art Lockers, the safe deposit vaults with fully equipped, latest burglar alarm systems.
  • For additional safety, the Locker holder assigns a code word which further increases security.
  • Available in different sizes as per your requirement.
  • These Lockers and their contents can be nominated to people near and dear to you.

Contact No. 89251 44090

Locker facility available only in Head Office @ Perambur and Coimbatore Branch.
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