G.Dhanaraj – B.Com (Eco), M.Com, B.L, H.D.C.M – Co-operative Management, NCUI-New Delhi

♦   Proven experience in Senior Managerial position under the guidance & resuming the functions of the organisation as the Managing Director after the demise of his mentor/guide Dr.C.Govindarajulu (Late).

♦   Demonstrable experience in developing strategic and business plans.

♦   Thorough knowledge of changes and forces that influence the Society.

♦   Strong understanding of corporate finance and measures of performance.

♦   Familiarity with Bye-law and Management best practices.

♦   Excellent organisational and leadership skills.

♦   Excellent communication, interpersonal and presentation skills.

♦   Outstanding analytical and problem-solving abilities.

♦   Superior empathy or social skills to build the relationships between employees/members and strong document writing abilities, which is essential when dealing with different types of tasks.

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The Simpson & Group Companies Employees Co-operative Society is basically a credit organization. This Co-operative movement traced back its origin in 22.12.1951 and the date of functioning from 26.01.1952 and this Co-operative Society was organized by the Read More...

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